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The Teal Blouse

Our Teal Blouse is made with 100% cupro, a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to high-quality silk. This is our best selling blouse ever as comfortable and billowy construction is perfect for work and everyday life. This blouse is naturally dyed in Japan using re-purposed indigo flowers and the luxe peach skin texture of the fabric has fantastic weight. The blouse features a game changing 3 button bust-line closure to tackle "the gap" at your bra line as well as allow you to customize the depth of your neckline. This blouse looks amazing worn with denim or tucked into a sharp pencil skirt. Join us on the journey towards better luxury in your wardrobe.


What makes this blouse sustainable? It is made from ultra luxe Bemberg Cupro, a fabric made from up-cycled cotton linter which is a by-product of cotton production. Using cotton by-product saves tons of useful cotton material from entering landfills and as a result the Bemberg Cupro is a refined natural fibre textile, biodegradable within 4 - 5 month of being returned to soil at the end of its life cycle. Each blouse is dyed using natural dyes from re-purposed Japanese bamboo charcoal, onion, rice and indigo flower off cuttings. Bemberg Cupro is produced by Asahi Kasei, a production partner who achieved a 99.8% zero-emissions rating in 2019 by using fibre waste (coming from the making of cupro fabric) as subsequent fuel for power generation. The cut and sew of each blouse comes from a supply chain based around small-batch manufacturing. We order what we can sell and exercise tight control over what we make. Small batch production allows us to pace our production and build good relationships with ethical partners. 

* Due to the properties of our Cupro Fabric and the use of natural vegetable dye, each blouse has a sueded or 'peach skin' look and feel. This is a natural property of the fabric. Shop more colours here



Our best-selling blouse style, so we brought it back in a sustainable way. Same great fit. Fits true to size. If you want more of a 'boyfriend' look we suggest sizing up a size or two.

 Edith, our model, is wearing a size S. 

100% Cupro



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