Each blouse is made with 100% cupro, a cruelty-free alternative to traditional silk. Cupro is made from unused cotton linter by-product. It is a biodegradable fibre that can be decomposed by living bacteria. When buried in soil, the material will fully decompose in 4-5 months.


The fabric dye ingredients are extracted from scrap onion skins, rice, bamboo, grapes and various mixes of natural ingredients, which all derive from ‘off cut’ plant materials.


Cupro is a biodegradable material,  and the company which makes our fabric, Asahi Kasei, achieved a 99.8% emissions rating in 2019. This is achieved, in part, by using fibre waste (coming from the making of cupro fabric) as subsequent fuel for power generation.


Our Signature ‘Sustainable’ Blouse supply chain is based around small batch manufacturing. We order what we can sell and exercise tight control over what we make. Small batch production allows us to build good relationships with ethical partners.



* Due to the properties of our Cupro Fabric and the use of natural vegtable dye, each blouse has a sueded look and feel. This is the nature of the material and product treatment. 

The 'Navy' Blouse

  • Tried, tested and true. Our ‘signature fit’ is the best selling blouse we have ever made. The blouse features safari flap pockets, a billowy yet flattering silhouette which is a staple with jeans on the weekend, or with a pencil skirt at the office.

    As every torso is unique, we have added three buttons at the bust line allowing customers, to customize their neckline. Wear your neckline high or low depending on your preference, styling or undergarments.

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